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color coded garage door springs There is one simple rule that all Valuemax technicians recommend and that is when it comes to garage door springs, ALWAYS leave the work to a Valuemax technician. Realize that garage door springs store tremendous tension every time a garage door opens and closes. This is necessary to lift or close a heavy garage door and limit the strain on the individual and opener performing the task. When the springs are properly adjusted this task is accomplished with ease. The tension of a garage door spring is converted into a lifting energy force which counter balances the weight of the garage door so that it will open easily. This process is very difficult without the springs. The springs Valuemax Folsom recommends will give the garage door owner many years of garage door use. Eventually springs get old and get out of adjustment. They could become brittle, weak, and maybe separate. At this stage of life a spring can also break.

If this happens to you be sure to call Valuemax Folsom Garage door repair. Our trained technician will analyze your Garage door repair situation, and then decide to adjust or replace your garage door springs. Do NOT attempt this yourself. Understand the danger involved, and call our Folsom Garage Door Repair at 1-916-833-8004 or toll free at 1-866-575-9050.

repairman checking a garage door spring and measuring tension Valuemax Folsom has developed an excellent reputation of providing the best Garage door repair services in the Folsom area. We want you to rely on Valuemax for excellent, reliable workmanship at anytime any day of the week. We can install and repair all makes and models of garage doors. Think about giving your business to our locally owned and operated company. Remember that in times of emergency a Valuemax technician will be available to respond to your garage door emergency twenty-four hours a day every day of the week. If your problem is a spring problem know that we stock the springs that you will need to make your garage door operate smoothly and with ease. We don’t want you to try to use your garage door while your garage door spring is broken or out of adjustment as it may end up causing you more damage and possibly more cost to repair.

Handle your problem the right way by calling us today at 1-916-833-8004 or toll-free at 1-866-575-9050. We have other offices in Lincoln, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, Sacramento, Eldorado Hills, and Granite Bay. Valuemax Garage Door Repair Folsom is the answer to all your garage door needs.

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There is a reason why Valuemax Folsom is known as the best garage door repair company in the area. It is not just because all our technicians have completed intensive training and are certified. They also have years of experience to give them the knowledge of how to complete a garage repair or installation the right way the first time. We take pride in our customer service.

We have been in business for over thirty years and also have additional stores throughout north central California. Our success is proven. Please give us a call at 916-235-6040 and let us find answers to your questions , and satisfy your wants and desires.